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2024-02-12 20:19:28

Kaler Kantho journalist threatened with death

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Kaler Kantho journalist threatened with death

Criminals have issued death threats against Kaler Kantho journalist Ridwan Akram to protest against the offenders in Meradia area of Khilgaon in the capital.

Ridwan filed a general diary with Kilgaon Police Station (GD Number 392).

A criminal named Meradier Hasan (25) from Khilgaon frequently loitered and engaged in conversations near Ridwan's residence, reports Daily Sun.

On 3 February, around 12:30 pm, Ridwan asked Hasan not to loiter in front of the house, as documented in the general diary.

In response, Hasan verbally abused Ridwan and even threatened to kill him. Concerned for his safety and that of his family, Ridwan sought assistance from higher authorities within the police administration and filed a GD.   

Officer-in-charge Salahuddin Mia of Khilgaon Police Station stated that an investigation into the matter has been initiated following the complaint.

"We have increased surveillance in the area, and efforts are underway to apprehend the suspect," he added.


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