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2024-06-05 13:27:08

Bangladesh, Switzerland sign air service agreement

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Bangladesh, Switzerland sign air service agreement

Switzerland and Bangladesh signed a bilateral air service agreement on Wednesday in a bid to strengthen their economic ties.   

This marks a first for the two nations and reflects Switzerland’s ongoing commitment to expanding its intercontinental connections. 

This landmark deal becomes the first of its kind between the two nations and signifies Switzerland’s commitment to forging stronger intercontinental connections, bangalanews24.com reported

The agreement promises to unlock a new era of economic cooperation and travel opportunities for both countries.

The agreement empowers airlines with significant operational flexibility. Unlike some restrictive agreements, this one removes limitations on the number of carriers permitted to operate flights between Switzerland and Bangladesh.

Additionally, it allows for codeshare flights, where airlines can collaborate to offer combined services under a single flight code.

This fosters competition and provides passengers with a wider range of choices and potentially more competitive fares.

Both countries stand to benefit from this flexibility, with each being granted the right to operate up to seven direct passenger and cargo flights per week.


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