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11 Israelis and 33 Palestinians freed as ceasefire extended

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11 Israelis and 33 Palestinians freed as ceasefire extended

For a fourth successive night, a batch of Israeli hostages has been exchanged for a group of Palestinian prisoners under the temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, reports BBC.

The 33 Palestinians were freed from Israeli jails after midnight local time. Earlier Hamas had released 11 Israeli captives, dual nationals of France, Germany or Argentina.

On Monday Qatari mediators announced a two-day extension of the truce, covering Tuesday and Wednesday.

The White House confirmed the prolongation but Israel still hasn't done so.

Over the next two days, Hamas has committed to releasing another 20 women and children, US national security spokesman John Kirby said.

Further lorry-loads of humanitarian supplies entered the Gaza Strip on Monday with food, fuel and medicines being distributed by aid organisations.

The UN has used the lull in fighting to increase urgent aid deliveries to Gazans but has warned the consignments are a drop in the ocean.

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