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2024-04-13 12:29:47

Gulf States urge US not to launch attack on Iran from their territory, airspace

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Gulf States urge US not to launch attack on Iran from their territory, airspace

The Gulf states of Middle East are urging the US not to use American military bases on their territories to strike in response to any potential Iranian attack on Israel.

The US's Gulf allies are working overtime to shut down avenues that could link them to a US reprisal against Tehran or its proxies from bases inside their kingdoms, according to a senior US official who spoke with MEE on condition of anonymity. 

As tensions flare, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Kuwait have raised questions about the intricate details of basing agreements that permit tens of thousands of US troops to be stationed across the oil-rich peninsula.

They are also moving to prevent US warplanes from flying over their airspace in the event the US conducts a retaliatory strike on Iran.

The US has spent decades investing in military bases in the Gulf. Given their close proximity to Iran, those airbases would be the most convenient launching pads for the US against the Islamic Republic, current and former US officials tell MEE. 

The Gulf monarchies’ reluctance is complicating the Biden administration's preparation as it war games how to respond to a potential Iranian attack on Israel. Current and former US officials told MEE they believe an attack is imminent, as has been previously reported elsewhere, reports Middle East Eye.

“It’s a mess,” a senior US official told MEE.

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