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2024-04-19 14:56:29

‘Far more limited than many expected’

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‘Far more limited than many expected’

An Iranian arms control expert said that the reported attack from Israel “was far more limited than many expected”, reports Al Jazeera.

In an interview with the media, Ali Ahmadi said Israel “has much more limitations in its operational range” than many think.

“Certainly, after Iran’s retaliatory capacity was criticised, it benefits from advertising how ineffective what Israel did was as well. Iran also needs to prepare the public for a much softer reaction than it has talked about in the last couple of days,” he pointed out.

Ahmadi said that prior to today’s incident, Iran was preparing all sorts of options for massive retaliation including getting allies involved.

But considering the limited scope and impact of the alleged attack, which he described as a “security sabotage” rather than a “military assault”, it would be a mistake to carry out a massive response, he stressed.

Bd-pratidin English/Tanvir Raihan

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