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2024-06-12 15:59:17

Hezbollah rains 100 rockets on occupied territories

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Hezbollah rains 100 rockets on occupied territories

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has conducted a massive rocket attack against the northern side of the 1948 Israeli-occupied territories after a high-ranking field commander of the group was killed in Israeli attacks, Press TV reported.   

The Israeli military said in a statement that the group launched over 100 rockets from southern Lebanon towards the Galilee region on Wednesday, stressing it marks one of the largest barrages carried out by Hezbollah.

The statement added that the barrage saw the city of Tiberias targeted for the first time.

It went on to assert that several rockets were intercepted by the regime's so-called Iron Dome systems, while others impacted at several locations.

As a result of the rocket impacts, several fires were sparked, the Israeli army said.

Meanwhile, Israeli media outlets reported that some rockets had slammed into a factory at Sassa kibbutz in the Upper Galilee area, causing damage.

There were also reports of power outage in Safed city in the northern sector of the 1948 occupied territories as a result of the Hezbollah rocket strike.

The massive attack was in response to the death of a high-ranking Hezbollah field commander in Israeli airstrikes against a house in southern Lebanon.


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