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Don’t know what means strict movement to BNP: Home Minister

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Don’t know what means strict movement to BNP: Home Minister

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Tuesday said we don’t know what means strict movement to BNP.

“Whatever movement they make, people don’t alike any kind of destructive politics,” he said.

He said these while talking to the journalists in the ministry.

The home minister said, “Their announcement of stepping down the government after their failure in October 28 is nothing but a blank statement and people don’t pay heed to it. People don’t want terrorism and they’re ready to cast their vote in upcoming elections.”

He said the elections must be held at the right time. Hopefully BNP will have the good sense to come to the elections. The election doesn’t stop if someone doesn’t participate it. The election is done.”

The minister expressed optimism and said the commission will hold a fair election. Everyone expects a competitive election. Many people in BNP do not like Tariq Rahman, so they are leaving BNP and coming to the election.

Regarding the cases against oppositions, the Home Minister said all the leaders of BNP are in jail for specific reasons. No one was jailed for no reason or no crime.

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