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2024-04-14 13:44:22

Pahela Baishakh marked by Mangal Shobhajatra

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Pahela Baishakh marked by Mangal Shobhajatra

In celebration of Pahela Baishakh, the Bangla New Year, a vibrant Mangal Shobhajatra procession started from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dhaka University on Sunday, reports UNB.

The procession, a symbol of unity, cultural pride, and resilience, commenced its journey at 9:18 am on Sunday, captivating onlookers with its mesmerising display of traditional artistry and spirit.

Led by enthusiastic participants, the Mangal Shobhajatra traversed through the bustling streets of Dhaka, weaving its way past iconic landmarks such as Shahbagh, Dhaka Club, and Shishu Park. Adorned in colourful costumes and wielding symbolic artifacts, the procession echoed the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh while ushering in the new year with joyous fervor.

The Faculty of Fine Arts, known for nurturing creativity and artistic expression, served as the perfect starting point for this spectacle of cultural significance. With its students and faculty at the forefront, the event exemplified the institution's commitment to promoting and preserving Bangladesh's diverse cultural tapestry.

As the procession made its way to its culmination point at TSC, the air resonated with cheers, music, and the collective jubilation of participants and spectators alike. The Mangal Shobhajatra not only celebrated the arrival of the Bangla New Year but also served as a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Bangladeshi people in the face of adversity.

Amidst the challenges of the modern world, events like these reaffirm the importance of cultural traditions in fostering unity, resilience, and a sense of belonging. The Mongol Shobhajatra stands as a beacon of hope, reminding the power of culture to inspire, unite, and uplift communities as they embark on a new journey into the year ahead.

Bd-pratidin English/Tanvir Raihan

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