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2024-03-06 12:45:11

Why did Preeti have to die

Taslima Nasrin

Why did Preeti have to die

Why did 15-year-old Preeti Urang die? Why did Preeti have to die? Preeti was 15 years old. Preeti was supposed to go to school with her books and notebooks. Instead, she ended up as a maid at someone else's house. Why? Because of poverty. Her father, laborer Lokesh Urang, unable to bear the flames of poverty, sent his daughter to work as a maid. But Lokesh Urang did not send Preeti to the home of any barbaric child abuser or child molester. He sent her to the house of a civilized, educated gentleman, where people do not call 'maids', but rather call them housekeepers or caregivers. Preeti was given a job as a maid in the home of the renowned English daily The Daily Star's executive editor Ashfaqul Haque.

The responsibility that he holds, the responsibility to educate society, the responsibility to instill humanity in people, to teach them not to discriminate against the poor, to teach them not to disrespect the poor, to give the poor their rights - every day he imparts these teachings, denounces the discrimination against the poor, protests against rape and sexual harassment, and writes about eliminating class distinctions in the newspaper!

But the question arises, why did he keep children as housemaids in his house? Is he in favor of child labor? He is certainly not in favor of child labor. People has the right to learn from whom? Every child's right not to be physically and mentally abused, that is a birthright, isn't it? Whose responsibility is it not to violate any child's rights, isn't it? The responsibility of adult citizens is to educate the people. But what has Ashfaqul Haque taught? Six months ago, on August 6, a child named Ferdousi was dropped from his flat, who used to work as a maid for him, was thrown below. She was severely injured. But why did he choose to raise Preeti Urang in the same way as Ferdousi, to drown her in blood, and finally kill her? Eyewitnesses say there were signs of injury on Preeti's body. They said Preeti was tortured, murdered, and then thrown away from the flat.

Executive Editor Ashfaqul Haque has been arrested along with a total of 6 people. Earlier, however, he was arrested on charges of domestic worker torture. An organization of hill area students formed a human chain demanding justice for Preeti's murder and alleged that Ashfaqul Haque wanted to get rid of the case by paying two lakhs to Lukesh Urang.

Let's say nobody threw Ferdousi and Preeti out of the window. They were the ones who jumped. But the question is, why didn't Ashfaqul Haque and Tania Khandkar install the grill of that window even after Ferdousi was seriously injured by jumping from the window 6 months ago? Did they not know that when this accident happened once, it could happen again? Even after Ferdousi's mother filed a case against them, why didn't they feel that it is very important to take action so that such incidents do not happen again in the future? Why did they not take any initiative to solve the problem? Do they think that there is no need to install window grills, because if someone jumps through the window than he or she must be poor; they may not see any difference as the poor live and die!

Ashfaqul Haque has been denied bail. No verdict yet. It is not yet known what exactly happened that day, someone dropped Preeti Urang or Preeti Urang wanted to escape, if she wanted to escape why did she want to escape, and if someone dropped it, who dropped it and why. Maybe one day we will all know this. But before that, we know that behind these two incidents of wanting to escape and being thrown away, one image is clear, that is torture. The girl was thrown away due to torture, or the girl wanted to escape due to torture. This oppression is the oppression of the rich on the poor. Since domestic workers are usually women, violence against domestic workers is also part of violence against women.

There was a time when domestic workers were subjected to inhumane labor, but were not paid, or paid very little. That day has changed now. As many garment factories sprung up, domestic workers are not as readily available as before. That is why the salary of domestic workers has increased more than before. But the relationship between master and servant is still literally that of master and slave. Cases of abuse of domestic workers still happen, cases of murder of domestic workers still happen. Preeti Urang is not alone, many domestic workers like her have to sacrifice their lives.

Domestic workers are often victims of rape. Those who are bad householders, they have been doing this injustice since the beginning of time. Domestic workers are not only abused by domestic workers, but also by domestic workers. The question is, why the housewives suddenly became so barbaric? Once upon a time, the wife of a middle-class householder also lived in the house as a domestic servant. They were also housemaids. They were never allowed to be housewives. They had no right to decide anything in the world. The poor girls who worked in rural or city houses, developed a kind of friendship with the house wives. Both of them used to talk about happiness and sadness. There was not much difference between the helplessness of the two. Both are maids. The lord of the house is the lord of both. This image has not faded away, it is still very much alive. But change is visible in the urban middle class. The prosperity of the middle class is increasing somewhat. Girls are passing school and college. After marriage they are now termed as housewives. Housekeeping is now in the hands of women. They can make decisions about many things in the world. The pride of knowing education, having a college degree in hand, being a housewife, having the power of the world in hand fills the neck of girls. Then they do what the powerful do, the rich do—they torture the poor.

Apart from this, the family is another reason for unrest. If the mind is in a state of turmoil day after day, the housekeepers have to be punished on simple matters. Compensation for disturbance. A wife who beats her husband is a wife who beats others.

It is very wrong to think that girls do not know brutality. Girls can be cruel, barbaric, murderous if given the chance. Even if they do not know brutality, girls have learned brutality from men. In one world, in one society, in one neighborhood, in one house, they are living with men all their lives, and they will not learn to do anything that men do, how is this? Girls can now do almost anything that men can do. They can be an engineer like a man, an aviator, a scientist, a farmer, a worker, a prime minister can be a president - all. Because she can do so much, she can be ruthless like a man.

As long as the society of equality is not developed, until the difference between the rich and the poor is reduced, the torture will continue. Because the torture will continue, all our responsibilities have ended? Can we go to sleep now? Or whether there is a difference between the rich and the poor, I will put pressure on the government to stop torture, to enforce strict laws against torture? If our conscience tells us that there is still something left, then we will not only put the responsibility on the government and fold our hands, but we will work from everyone's place, according to everyone's ability, isn't it? We will encourage people from all walks of life to be aware, we will agitate for the dignity and security of domestic workers. And at the same time, will take initiatives to build a society of equality.

People can be kind to the poor, change their hateful views, help others to alleviate poverty, be compassionate if they want. People do not want that. Especially the rich, and the class that the rich like to imitate, is the middle class.

However, immense poverty cannot be overcome by pouring kindness, charity, alms, etc. In a society that hates the poor, it seems that people's poverty cannot be completely eradicated even if they build garment factories or gramin banks like a frog's umbrella. Along with economic development, one should know the way to overcome corruption, greed, violence. Some will be rich, some will remain poor, not thinking of it as a rule - everyone should try to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. Politicians, who have riches, are feeding them badly. The poor suffer from malnutrition. I often hear such a funny thing that God is testing Iman by drowning them in their lack. The rich and rulers therefore use God and religion to keep the poor quiet and contented. If not, the proletarian revolution will happen, and if it happens, it will be very difficult.

In straight words, women are torturing maids. An oppressed section of the society is torturing another oppressed section of the society. These small tortures are visible to us, and the big torture, which is done by the powerful, the politics of keeping the poor, poor for life, the conspiracy to not allow the society of equality to come closer, is not visible to many. If it had been seen, if there had been a war against it, then Preti Urang would not have had to die.

Writer: Exiled writer

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