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2024-04-02 20:18:28

TikTok removes 75 lakh Bangladeshi videos

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TikTok removes 75 lakh Bangladeshi videos

Popular short video sharing service TikTok has taken down a staggering 7,599,349 videos in Bangladesh during Q4 for violating Community Guidelines. 

Previously, the platform had removed over 80 lakh videos from Bangladesh in Q3.

Globally, TikTok removed a total of 176,461,963 videos, representing approximately 1.0 per cent of all uploaded content, according to its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the final quarter of 2023 (October-December 2023).

The report highlights that out of the total removed videos, 128,300,584 were identified and removed through automated systems, with 8,038,106 videos reinstated after further review.

During the last three months of 2023, 95.3 per cent of Bangladeshi videos violating TikTok's guidelines were removed within 24 hours of upload.


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