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2024-03-20 13:46:23

‘Quran is crystal clear’: Will Smith

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‘Quran is crystal clear’: Will Smith

Hollywood icon Will Smith recently shared his profound appreciation for the Quran, describing the Muslim holy book as “crystal clear” and lauding its simplicity, reports UNB.

In a conversation reported by Al Arabiya, Smith recounted his experience of reading the Quran last Ramadan. “I loved the simplicity; the Quran is so clear; it is crystal clear. It is hard to walk away with misunderstanding,” Smith remarked.

He was moved by the spirit of the Quran, which he found to be “so beautiful and clear.”

Delving deeper into his spiritual journey, Smith revealed that he has explored the holy texts of Judaism and Christianity as well. He expressed amazement at the deep connections between the Quran, Torah, and Bible.

“I was surprised how it is like one story, from the Torah through the Bible and into the Quran. I never totally understood Abraham as the father and then the split with Isaac and Ishmail and it was beautiful to get the completion of that comprehension,” he shared.

Smith, who is currently visiting Saudi Arabia, also opened up about his affinity for the Middle Eastern country and its culture during a podcast with MBC.

With a touch of humor, Smith, who portrayed the Genie in the live-action movie "Aladdin," quipped: “I think I was a Genie in a past life. I am so at home; I love it here.”

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