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2024-04-18 12:20:35

Krishnokoli's Latest Song 'Klanto'

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Krishnokoli's Latest Song 'Klanto'

Fans of Krishnokoli Islam have been eagerly awaiting new releases from the beloved artist, and their patience has finally been rewarded. Recently, Gorai Music unveiled a song titled 'Klanto,' featuring Krishnokoli's soulful vocals.

Penned and composed by Arko Suman, the song 'Klanto Tai Chokh Pata, Klanto Hoye Chokher Pata, Bondho Ghore Moner Kata, Khunjchhi Tare, Khunjchhi Jare' captures a spectrum of emotions with its poignant lyrics and melodious tune.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Arko, Krishnokoli shared, "The song 'Kalanto' has been in the works for many years. I remember when Arko first wrote it, we were both going through a rough patch. Despite our troubles, Arko approached me to lend my voice to the song."

Impressed by the song's potential, Krishnokoli added her unique touch, breathing life into the long-forgotten composition. She expressed her joy at finally sharing the song with her audience after it had remained hidden for so long.

Fakhrul Arefin Khan, owner of Gorai Music revealing that it was initially crafted for the film 'Aim in Life' but never made it to the big screen. Thus, seizing the opportunity, Gorai Music decided to release the song during Eid, treating fans to its lyrical video on Chand Raat with plans for a music video release post-holiday.

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