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2024-04-18 14:54:34

'Jinn' Debuts Digitally

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'Jinn' Debuts Digitally

In a thrilling addition to the Eid-ul-Fitr festivities, Jazz Multimedia's acclaimed horror film 'Jinn' premiered on the Bongo OTT platform on 10 April. The film's release was a highlight of Bongo's 7-day Eid festival, captivating audiences with its unique blend of horror and Bengali folklore, reports Daily Sun.

Directed by Nader Chowdhury, 'Jinn' features a stellar cast including Puja Chery, Shajal Noor, and Ziaul Roshan. The plot follows Rafsan, a fashion photographer, who marries Mona Lisa, also known as Mona, against her parents' wishes. Soon after their wedding, Rafsan discovers Mona's eerie secret—she is possessed by a Jinn at night. Desperate for answers, Rafsan turns to his friend Bijoy, a psychology professor, and unravels a chilling story that audiences can only discover by watching the film in its entirety.

Set against the backdrop of conventional Bangladeshi cinema, 'Jinn' emerges as a novel narrative exploring the intersections of religion, superstition, and tradition in Bengal.

The digital debut of 'Jinn' has been met with overwhelming acclaim, swiftly amassing millions of views. Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu, Chief Content Officer at Bongo, expressed his delight at the film's reception: "The film 'Jinn' was a cornerstone of our Eid campaign. Given its popularity, we anticipated a positive response to its digital release, and our expectations have been exceeded. The audience engagement has been phenomenal, with nearly a million views attributed to this film alone."

Abdul Aziz, the producer of 'Jinn' and head of Jazz Multimedia, shared his surprise at the film's success: "While we were confident that 'Jinn' would resonate with viewers, the extent of the positive feedback has been astonishing. I have received countless congratulatory calls, and even those who missed its initial release have been captivated by the film. This reception is a testament to our dedication as producers and storytellers."

Filming for 'Jinn' commenced in August 2019, and the movie hit theaters on 22 April 2023 across 15 halls. The film's narrative was penned by producer Abdul Aziz, with Abdullah Zaheer Babu crafting the screenplay. The cinematography by Saiful Shaheen added to the film's haunting allure.

'Jinn' is currently available for streaming on Bongo's platform. Viewers can immerse themselves in this spine-tingling tale for just Tk20.

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