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2024-04-30 16:32:27

‘Khowab: Castle in the Air’ at film fest in Japan

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‘Khowab: Castle in the Air’ at film fest in Japan

Bangladeshi short film “Khowab: Castle in the Air”, made on the struggle of Jamdani tanti, has been invited to the “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia” in Japan. The festival will be held at various venues in Tokyo from 4 to 17 June, reports Daily Sun.

The 25-minute film will be screened on 13 June under the “Live-action Asia International Competition” category. More than 200 films from different countries will be screened at the fest.

Based on the story by Liza Asma Akhter, Hemanta Sadeeq has directed the film. The screenplay was written by Shawon Koiri. The film stars Ashish Khandakar and Liza Asma Akhter in the lead roles.

“It’s really great news and an achievement for us because “Khowab: Castle in the Air” will be screened at this prestigious film festival. I hope our film will leave an impression on the audience,” Liza said. 

The film revolves around a village weaver named Kanchan, who wants to keep his ancestral handloom. But, his wife is expecting, and they need to produce more sarees which is only possible by using a power loom. Kanchan’s ancestors come in the dream and request him not to sell the handloom. Kanchan was making a red jamdani saree for his wife, which was expensive in the market and a sign of his love and affection towards his wife. But Kanchan couldn’t keep the red jamdani!

Under the banner of Dream Shadow, the film is produced by Liza Asma Akhter.

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