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2024-04-06 12:47:03

AL strict to stop interference of MPs in upazila elections

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AL strict to stop interference of MPs in upazila elections

The submission process of nomination papers for the upcoming upazila parishad elections going to be held in 2 phases announced by the election commission hasn’t been started yet. However, the internal conflicts and division in Awami League centering on this polls has come out publicly. The leaders of the party are worried that this internal division and conflict may increase when the elections will start. The party leaders were involved in various discussion aiming at holding the elections in free and fair manner, especially the policy making forum of the party has taken strong stance against the ‘unwanted’ interferences of MPs and ministers. They said anyone can become candidate in upazila elections and the interferences of MPs and ministers won’t be allowed.

According to information, some of MPs and ministers started to establish ‘familycracy’ in upazila elections as there will be no boat symbol in this election. They’re announcing the candidacy for their sons, daughters, brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews and other relatives.

According to the instructions of the center, no one can be nominated on behalf of the party. But the MPs are not obeying the instructions of the center.They are announcing the candidature of their favorite persons including relatives. As a result, there is dissatisfaction grown among the leaders and activists at the field level. Awami League is warning to take strict actions so that the MPs cannot interfere in the upazila elections. The strict attitude of the party high command has already been conveyed to everyone. Still, the interference of MPs-ministers weren’t stop in some places.

As the election day approaches, the 'unwanted' interference of MPs-ministers is coming out more and more. It is known that Awami League president Sheikh Hasina wants the upazila elections to be competitive. If there are more candidates, the attendance of voters will also increase – it’s the expectation of the party president. That is why the party symbol is not being given to anyone. Some MPs-ministers want to take that opportunity, whether it is a person of dissenting opinion or of his own party in the constituency. But they do not want anyone who has a conflict with the MPs to become a public representative. That is why they are announcing the candidates of their choice, which has already been published in mass media.

The President and General Secretary of Dhanbari Upazila Awami League submitted a written complaint to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina against Awami League presidium member Dr. Abdur Razzak. In the written complaint, he declared his cousin and his favorite person as the 'Chairman' candidate in the upazila elections in his constituency. Not only Dr. Abdur Razzak, written complaints have been submitted against dozens of MPs-ministers in the party president's office. Again, the upazila chairmen or the candidates have become reckless by getting shelter to the MPs-ministers. A social worker named Sabul Hossain was slapped on the cheek at Baralekha in Moulvibazar for announcing 'no' vote in the upcoming upazila elections. Swaeb Ahmed, the current chairman of Baralekha slapped him. It has been alleged that he had previously slapped several people in the upazila. This chairman has become reckless under the influence of former minister Shahab Uddin.

Awami League General Secretary, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader issued a statement on March 2 to stop the interference of MPs-ministers. In that statement, he warned to take organizational action against those who interfere in the upazila elections. Apart from this, he repeatedly warned about this in a meeting with the leaders of Rangpur Division on March 30, Chittagong Division on March 31 and Khulna Division on April 4.

Awami League presidium member Dr. Mustafa Jalal Mohiuddin told The Bangladesh Pratidin, "Party symbols will not be given in the upazila elections as the party president has already told everyone. The party leader wants more candidates to participate in the polls as it will increase voter turnout. But, latterly we have noticed some MPs announcing party candidates. They can't do it. Disobeying the instructions of the party will definitely be subject to organizational action if there is a specific complaint. This will be discussed in the meeting of the executive council of the party.”

Awami League's organizing secretary Mirza Azam told The Bangladesh Pratidin, "The decision of the party is not to give nomination or symbol to anyone. In that case, for the sake of free and fair elections, MPs should not nominate anyone as the party's chain of command must be kept intact.”

Another organizational secretary of Awami League SM Kamal Hossain said, "Our party president wants an influence-free and festive election. So, nobody's interference to influence this election will be accepted. My Man will exert influence to win - this will not be accepted.”

According to the announcement of the Election Commission, the first phase of the upazila elections will be held on May 8 and the second phase on May 21.

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on April 6 and rewritten in English by Lutful Hoque Khan) ​​

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