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2024-04-07 11:20:24

Law enforcement on high alert

Sakhawat Kawsar

Law enforcement on high alert

A recent surge in attacks, bank robberies, kidnappings, shootings, and weapon thefts in Bandarban over the past five days has prompted nationwide concern. Government officials are investigating possible international involvement behind the assaults carried out by the Kuki-Chin armed group in Bandarban. Authorities have instructed law enforcement agencies to take maximum precautions to maintain law and order.

The police headquarters has issued special directives to all police units, emphasizing heightened vigilance. Similarly, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been instructed to exercise increased caution along the border.

Talking to Bangladesh Pratidin DIG Anwar Hossain of the police headquarters said that special measures have been implemented following the recent incidents. Additional instructions have been dispatched to ensure security, particularly during Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Crime analysts warn of potentially dire consequences if crime continues to be politicized, urging policymakers to address social decay and implement necessary reforms.

Reports indicate a notable uptick in robberies targeting financial institutions and government buildings across the country. The recent robberies at Sonali Bank and Krishi Bank in Ruma Bazar and Thanchi, Bandarban, have drawn significant attention from law enforcement authorities.

Additionally, the theft of Tk 5 lakh from an Islami Bank agent branch in Kushtia and the attack on Bagerhat's Rampal thermal power station underscore the vulnerability of the security system.

Apart from this, 14 buses caught fire in Demra area of the capital recently. Fire incidents are happening one after another in various important areas of the country including the capital.

Dhaka University Social Welfare and Research Institute Associate Professor and Society and Crime Specialist Dr. Tauhidul Haque said that attempts are being made to create instability in various areas of our country. Kidnapping, murder, bank robbery, arson, looting are happening in different places. These incidents are happening due to internal political distance and lack of unity. When a question remains in the political process, that question gives rise to many crimes or incidents. Which creates disturbance in human safety, security, peaceful living of people.

He further said that the people are divided in our country due to internal political tension, political considerations and political reasons. Here the loss of the country, destruction of state resources, hostage taking of people, creating instability on the border - these are matters of the country, many of our people do not have this sense. There may be political divisions. But the country, we all have to think about it. If there is a loss to the country, it is a loss to all - this feeling should be created in the people.

Sources at the police headquarters said that robberies are taking place in financial institutions and government buildings. In this situation, financial institutions and ordinary citizens are advised to take the help of the concerned police station while transacting large sums of money. Security personnel employed in financial institutions have been asked to be vigilant. In case any institution cannot ensure adequate security, the concerned police station has been asked to take assistance. There will be police patrols at important establishments and commercial areas to ensure seamless security during Ramadan and Eid. At the same time, Superintendents of all districts have been asked to keep all identified criminals under special surveillance.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the Legal and Media Wing of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) told Bangladesh Pratidin that RAB is giving utmost importance to the incident in Bandarban. Apart from those directly involved, RAB detectives are working to find those who have helped behind the scenes and bring them under the law.

He also said that RAB will do everything necessary to maintain the law and order situation in the country during the upcoming Eid. RAB headquarters has given special instructions to all RAB battalions in this regard.

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on April 7 and rewritten in English by Tanvir Raihan)

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