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2024-04-18 20:48:15

Upazila Elections: Children and relatives of MPs, Ministers can’t be candidates

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Upazila Elections: Children and relatives of MPs, Ministers can’t be candidates

The Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has given strict directives to keep the upazila parishad elections free of the influence of local MPs and ministers. She directed that no MP-minister can’t make ‘My Man’ by influencing the elections, as well as can’t make candidates out of their own children, family members and relatives.

In the directives it has also been stated that if these directives are not followed, then organizational action will be taken against them.  

The party general secretary Obaidul Quader shared these directives in an unspecified meeting with the responsible leaders from the divisional levels of the party held at the political office of the party president.

Awami League office sources have confirmed this information.

According to sources, Awami League is not giving party nominations in upazila parishad elections, which is a party decision. This decision has been taken to make the elections participatory and competitive. From the beginning, a strict message is being delivered from the party that no one should spoil the election atmosphere.

But now it is observed that the influential leaders of the party and local MPs and ministers are nominating their relatives and family members in their constituencies. Because of this, the chain of command has broken down at the grass root levels of the party. There has been a split between party leaders and workers as well as the conflict is becoming violent. The MPs and minister are even showing their dominance on the administration. That's why the party president Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given instructions that all the family members of the MPs and ministers who are participating in the elections can't cast vote. In this regard, the party leader also instructed the general secretary of the party Obaidul Quader.

According to party office sources, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader held an unscheduled meeting at the political office of the Awami League president on Thursday. Awami League organizing secretary BM Mozammel Haque, Mirza Azam, Afzal Hossain, office secretary Biplob Barua, deputy office secretary Sayem Khan and others were present in it.

At that time, Obaidul Quader shared the instructions of the party president Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the divisional leaders. He said that the list of MPs and ministers who are influencing the elections and nominating their family members and close relatives should be made.

Some leaders present in the meeting said that party presidium member Abdur Razzak, Shahajan Khan, Noakhali MP Ekram and several others were given a warning message from the immediate meeting not to interfere in the election.

Sources of the meeting also say that most of the central leaders of the Awami League expressed their opinion about the Upazila Parishad elections that the grassroots grouping of the party is increasing due to the allocation of symbols. For this reason the distribution of symbol is omitted. That is why Awami League did not keep the symbol.

“We want to keep balance and unity in local level politics. We don't want to create conflict in the party, distance among party leaders and activists and MPs and ministers for the sake of elections.

 But the real scenario is different. If the party doesn’t give nominations, then they are trying to influence the elections in other ways. They’re trying to dominate and create ‘My Man.’ Awami League does not like the politics of MPs and ministers to increase their influence and dominance. Directives to control it have were already been conveyed to the organizational secretaries.

Therefore MPs-ministers cannot interfere in the election. My Man cannot be created. Those who are conducting elections through close relatives are being listed. Strict action is being taken against them if necessary. If anyone disobeys the party instructions, action will be taken against them as per the constitution of the organization, according to the AL office sources.

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on April 18 and rewritten in English by Lutful Hoque Khan) ​​

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