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2024-05-20 12:37:36
Syndicate in Hungary visa processing

Appointments made in exchange of money

Staff Correspondent

Appointments made in exchange of money

VFS Global has been harassing its clients in getting visa appointments and permits. Even, some of its clients are preparing to file case against it as VFS didn’t fulfill its commitment in procuring visas.

If we look at some incidents, VFS Global’s irregularities will be cleared like daylight. Hema Rani Das from Jashore wanted go to Hungary where her husband lives now. After a long wait, her husband got the necessary documents and approval in December last year. But since then the wait of Hema has begun. For more than six months, Hema Rani Das has been waiting just to get a visa appointment. Her days are spent in visiting to the office of VFS Global in Dhaka.

Ripon Sardar from Chittagong lives in Dubai. From there, he procured a six-month Hungarian work permit for his younger brother. Ripon told The Bangladesh Pratidin that there are 15 days left for the six-month permit to be expired. But they’ve not given appointment for visa yet. That is why Ripon Sardar claimed that he is preparing to file a case against VFS in the Hungarian court.

Nazrul from Chandpur district complained that five months ago, after submitting an application for a visa at the VFS center, he was informed that his visa was not granted. After inquiring in the Hungarian Embassy in Delhi, it was found that the application was not submitted at the embassy.

Apart from this, Mohsin from Dohar in Dhaka, Jasim from Cumilla and Zahid from Bogra also have complained of being harassed day after day for getting appointment of Hungarian visas at VFS Global. Recruiting agency owners complain that visa appointments are available from VFS Global in exchange of money.

Ehsanul Azim, the owner of recruiting agency Global Jobs, told The Bangladesh Pratidin, “The date of appointment is not available when he goes to VFS for Hungarian visa. There is a syndicate and appointments are available only by paying money to this syndicate.”

There are also cases of giving appointments in exchange of Tk 10 to 20 thousand to 1 lakh per person. In this way, the VFS-centric syndicate is looting hundreds of crores of Tk.

Again this syndicate often gives false appointments even after taking money. Many people lose their visas due to non-giving of these appointments and having false appointments.

VFS Global employees are accused of offering appointments in exchange for money in the case of Hungary as well as Italy visas,. Syed Zakir Hussain Babul, owner of Tahmina International Travels and Tours, said, “Days, months and years pass by visiting the office of VFS, but still the date of submission of documents is not available. They just send an automatic reply when the email is sent from the customers. No more answers. In this way, thousands of expatriates are being harassed. In exchange of a huge amount of money, they have been taking photos and fingerprints before applying later. But the date is not available even after applying three months ago.”

He also said that the embassy will say whether the paper is original or fake. Why VFS harasses month after month. Nulasta for Italy was released in April but still the papers were not submitted. Again, many have submitted documents in May after releasing of the nulasta. If you give money, everything is possible in VFS. We have hundreds of proofs of such irregularities.”

Ali Akkas Apon, the proprietor of Dhaka International Overseas, said, “Expatriates submit documents and wait for indefinite period for getting a call from VFS. Month after month go in waiting, but no more mail, sms comes from VFS. Even, they don’t respond to emails. The process of getting fingerprints of Italian expats in VFS is also complicated. But those who can pay, are getting dates fast. We want to do business honestly and want to be free from the harassment of VFS.

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on April May 20 and rewritten in English by Lutful Hoque Khan) ​​

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