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2024-05-24 12:23:43

Murder mystery of MP Anwarul Azim still in riddle

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka and Kolkata Correspondent

Murder mystery of MP Anwarul Azim still in riddle

Jhenaidah-4 Constituency MP Anwarul Azim Anar was murdered in India after the killers planned the murder for three months in Dhaka. Daggers and knives were bought from Kolkata's New Market area to kill him. After killing Anar, the body is cut into pieces and the flesh is separated from the bones. The meat is mixed with turmeric and stuffed into luggage. All such terrible information was given to the police by the arrested Amanullah alias Shimul.

 Although the detective police have given this information, there is no information about where the body parts are hidden. Meanwhile, two days after the arrest, the police came to know that Amanullah's real name was Shimul Bhuiyan, who is a leader of East Bengal Communist Party, a professional killer. All in all, those involved in the MP’s murder investigation are in a maze. They say there is a doubt whether the fragmented parts of the body will be found or not. Apart from this, the police are still not clear about the motive of the murder. A team of West Bengal Police is now in Dhaka to investigate the murder of MP Anar. A meeting was held on Thursday afternoon with the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police regarding the murder incident. Through this meeting Bangladesh and India started a joint investigation.

Meanwhile, Kolkata CID has launched an operation Thursday night in the Krishnamati Canal area of Bhandar in search of the dismembered body of Anwarul Azim Anar. CID came to know the news of this canal by interrogating apps-based cab driver Zuber. After that, a search operation was conducted with him there. It is said that the operation was going on till 12 o'clock Thursday night.

Aktaruzzaman Shahin, the mastermind behind MP Anna's murder, has been opened up at last. He told a private channel that he was not involved in the murder. He said, “I was in Bangladesh at the time of the murder.”

How the killing executed: On April 30, the main planner Akteruzzaman Shahin went to Kolkata, India with Syed Amanullah alias Shimul, who implemented the killing mission. From New Market area, he bought the necessary materials for the murder including knife, machete and kept them in Sanjiba Gardens in the elite area of Newtown. Aman rehearsed with his collaborators step by step as the plan of the murder was already chalked out. On May 13, Anwarul Azim Anar entered Sanjiba Gardens in Kolkata's Newtown area at 1:25 p.m. Six people including Syed Amanullah alias Shimul, Shilasti Rahman were already staying in the modern 'three-plex' flat of this building rented by Shahin. However, on the third floor of the 'Block-56 BU' flat, Shilasti ws staying, who is the beautiful girlfriend of the main planner, Aktaruzzaman Shahin. According to the detectives, he spent special time with MP Anar before the murder. At 2:20 PM the main killing mission begins. Quoting Aman who is in the custody of the detectives, related sources say that MP Anar's death was confirmed by slaughtering him in the beginning. Some loud music is played in the flat so that no one can understand anything. Different parts of the body are separated by cutting with machete. The flesh is removed from the bones. Turmeric powder is added to the flesh so that it does not rot quickly. The murderers initially failed to break the skull. The flesh is then removed from the face so that it cannot be identified by any means. They are successively filled in four luggages. The floor of the flat is washed with bleaching powder to remove the last traces of murder. The luggage is given to Siam or some others. However, they change hands in quick successions. But Aman has repeatedly claimed that he was not involved in slaughtering MP Anar or separating the flesh from the bones.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner of Police (Detective) Mohammad Harun-or Rashid said Parliamentarian Anwarul Azim was killed through a long-term plan. The killers had been looking for an opportunity to kill for a long time. On Thursday, he told the reporters at the DB office on Minto Road in the capital that there was a plan to kill MP Anar in two houses of Gulshan and Dhanmondi in Dhaka which the killers made for one or two months. Kolkata was chosen as the place of killing because of the possibility of being got caught in Dhaka. This intelligence officer said that Anar was taken to Kolkata by trickery. After the murder, the killers tried to confuse the law enforcement agencies. The reason for the murder will be ascertained. But now the main task is to find those involved in the murder. Kolkata Police and Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police are working together for this.

 He said, "After killing Anar, the body was dismembered and the bones and flesh were separated. Then, so that no one could suspect, it was mixed with turmeric and taken out of the house. But it is still not clear where the fragmented parts of the body have been thrown. Anwarul Azim's whole body has not been found, but the fragmented body will be found.”

The mastermind Shahin opens up about the murder: Accused Aktaruzzaman Shahin has claimed that he was framed in the murder of MP Anna. On Thursday, Shaheen told a private television in the United States that he was in Bangladesh at the time of Anar's murder. He also denied the news of the Killing Mission deal for 5 crore rupees.

He said, “My lawyer said not to talk to anyone about it. People talk a lot in the country. If there is any proof then show it.”

Regarding the rent of the flat, he said, “If I rent a flat, I will I do such work in my flat? A look at my passport records shows that I was not at the scene. Now it is being said that I have paid 5 crores. How did I pay 5 crores? Where did I get so much money! Now what can I do if there are such people? I saw in the newspaper when the incident happened. I was in Bangladesh at that time.”

Amanullah is the extremist leader Shimul: The notorious terrorist Shimul Bhuiyan of Khulna region was hired to kill Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Member of Parliament Anwarul Azim Anar. He is one of the top leaders of the extremist organization East Bengal Communist Party. After being caught in the incident in Dhaka, Shimul Bhuiyan identified himself as Syed Amanullah to the police. Sources involved in the investigation of the case later confirmed that it was Shimul Bhuiyan who identified himself as Syed Amanullah. He made a passport in the name of Amanullah and went to Kolkata on that passport. The passport was issued from Dhaka on October 10, 2019. He also created a National Identity Card (NID) in the same name as a passport. How did he become Amanullah from Shimul Bhuiyan and create fake passport and NID— detectives are now searching for answers to that question.

According to police interrogation and information obtained from other sources, Shimul Bhuiyan, who identified himself as Syed Amanullah, played an important role in the execution plan to kill Anwarul Azim. His village home is in Phultala Damodar Union of Khulna. He was the top leader of the extremist organization Purbo Bangla Communist Party in Khulna region. Law enforcement sources say that there are at least two dozen cases against Shimul Bhuiyan, including murder. Amanullah was jailed for seven years (1991-97) in a case of Jashore’s Abhaynagar police station for murdering a man named Ganesh. Meanwhile, inquiries have been made in Khulna regarding the name of Amanullah. A source familiar with the extremists there says that an extremist leader named Amanullah was one of Shimul Bhuiyan's associates.

2 cars used by assailants in Anar's murder were seized: A Bangladeshi was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Member of Parliament (MP) Anwarul Azim of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency of Bangladesh. The man named Ziad was arrested from Bongaon in North Twenty-four Parganas district of West Bengal by the officers of West Bengal Police Intelligence Department CID. Ziad (23) is said to be the mastermind of this murder and MP Anar's friend Aktaruzzaman Shahin's accomplice. Ziad was wearing white gingham and khaki colored pants when he was arrested. After interrogating him, the investigating officers went to recover the body of MP Anar. After the planned killing of Anar, he is said to be hiding in central Kolkata. But after the murder came to light on Wednesday, Bongaon was trying to enter Bangladesh through the border.

Apart from this, a cab driver named Zuber has also been detained by the investigating officers for interrogation. His car has already been impounded. The white Maruti car was seized early Thursday morning.

Suspect Ziad is being taken to Barasat Court on Friday: West Bengal State Police Intelligence Department CID has arrested a suspect in the murder case of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency MP Anwarul Azim Anar. The 24-year-old man named Ziad Howladar alias Zuber belongs to Barakpur village of Dighlia police station under Khulna district of Bangladesh. His father's name is Zainal Howladar. They said this in a statement last night. It said: "The killers brought the butcher named Jihad from Mumbai. Ziad was living in Mumbai as an illegal intruder for many years. Aktaruzzaman Shahin, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin, brought him to Kolkata two months ago. This Shaheen is the main planner of this heinous murder.

Ziad admitted that on Akteruzzaman's orders, he and four others strangled the MP in his Newtown flat. They then removed all the flesh from the whole body inside the flat and minced the flesh and put it in a polythene pack to destroy the identification. Later, they took out the packets from the flat and dropped them in Kolkata and surrounding areas using different types of transport.

The accused will be sent to Barasat district and sessions court of North Twenty-four Parganas district on Friday. On behalf of the investigating agency CID, the police applied for remand and verified his statement by taking him into their custody and taking him along with them to recover the body parts of the murdered parliamentarian.

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on April May 24 and rewritten in English by Lutful Hoque Khan) ​​

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