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2024-06-02 11:48:14

Ex-IGP's brother-in-law seizes brick kiln through intimidation

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Ex-IGP's brother-in-law seizes brick kiln through intimidation

Ashrafuzzaman Hablu, who invested five crore taka to establish a modern brick kiln on 48 bighas of land in Dakkhin Alipur village, Satkhira Sadar Upazila, found his business seized by Mirza Anwar Parvez, brother-in-law of former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed. Hablu claims Parvez used threats and intimidation, leveraging his connection to Ahmed, who previously served as the Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) for five years, to take over the kiln.

The brick kiln, named 'New Alipur Bricks,' was established in 2018. Shortly after its completion, Hablu was allegedly abducted from his home multiple times and forced to relinquish control of the kiln to Parvez. Reports suggest that Parvez used his brother-in-law's influence to coerce Hablu into making him a partner in the business without any investment.

Alipur Union Parishad confirmed the kiln was officially registered in Hablu's name on July 22, 2018, and received environmental clearance on June 14 of the same year. Despite these official endorsements, Hablu faced continuous harassment and threats, culminating in his forced sale of the kiln to Parvez under duress.

Local leaders and residents corroborate Hablu's claims, alleging that Parvez established a reign of terror in Satkhira, exploiting his relationship with the then-RAB DG. Complaints against Parvez include allegations of financial fraud, false job promises, and the use of law enforcement to intimidate and incarcerate those who opposed him.

Moshiur Rahman Mayur, president of Alipur Union Awami League, and Aminul Islam Montu, joint general secretary of the same organization, recounted instances of Parvez extorting money from locals with promises of police jobs that never materialized. Those who demanded refunds faced false legal charges and imprisonment.

Residents and local leaders have expressed their frustration and helplessness, highlighting the lack of effective action against Parvez's abuses despite widespread knowledge of his misconduct. The situation underscores the broader issue of influential individuals exploiting their connections for personal gain, leaving ordinary citizens vulnerable and disenfranchised.

Hundred bigha fish enclosure in the name of Benazir's mother-in-law in Satkhira

Benazir Ahmed's father-in-law's house in Sharafpur village of Shobnali Union number 1 of Asashuni upazila of Satkhira. In that village, the mother-in-law of this former police officer, Lutfun Nesar, has four fish enclosures on more than 100 bighas.

Apart from this, there are two fish enclosures in Arkuni Mauza, West Bill and the neighboring Puntimari Bill. According to the locals, the land area of ​​these fish enclosures is more than hundred bighas.

Talking to people of different classes and professions in that area, it is known that a person named Bashir Ahmed looked after the assets of Benazir Ahmed's mother-in-law. In the last 15 years, this Bashir Ahmed became the owner of huge wealth through his acquaintance with Benazir Ahmed and his wife Zeeshan Mirza. Locals believe that Benazir's mother-in-law Lutfun Nesa has a stake in all Bashir's assets.

Bashir Ahmed's childhood friend Nityananda, a teacher of Sharafpur village, talked about this. He said, once in the area, Bashir used to trade in small scale fish enclosures. However, in the last few years, he became the owner of a large amount of fish enclosures. Rumor has it that Benazir Ahmed's mother-in-law, Lutfun Nessa Munsur, has a stake in these fishes.

Karthik Chandra Das of Sharafpur village said, “There is a fish enclosure in the name of Benazir's mother-in-law on 10 bigha land in Sharafpur East Bill, which is looked after by others. Apart from this, more land has been bought around. I have no idea how much it is.”

Local UP member (Ward No. 3) Alamgir Hossain Sardar said, Benazir Ahmed's mother-in-law has a fish enclosure on four bigha land. Apart from this, she has bought some small fish enclosures. These enclosures are leased to the villagers.

Meanwhile, local carpenter Rezaul Islam has leased the land from Lutfun Nesa. He admitted that he took seven bighas of land from Benazir's mother-in-law and farming fish.

Sanjit Das, a teacher of Sharafpur Secondary School, said that there are more fish enclosures in the name of Benazir's mother-in-law in West Bill and nearby Puntimari Bill, which have been given to local people.

He said, “They are relatives of the police.” From what we have heard, they have huge wealth in their names. Fish enclosures have been built in these lands.

Abul Bashar Shimul has been working as a caretaker at Benazir's maternal uncle's house for 30 years. He said, “I have been hearing all my life that Kappur Begum (Benazir Ahmed's mother-in-law's nickname) has 20 bighas of property. However, I do not know how much new land has been acquired.”

Maulana Abu Bakkar Siddique, UP Chairman of Shovnali Union, said, “We do not want to be in danger by saying anything about Benazir's mother-in-law, wife and her family.”

(The report was published on print and online versions of The Bangladesh Pratidin on June 02 and rewritten in English by Tanvir Raihan)

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