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অষ্টম শ্রেণির পড়াশোনা : ইংরেজি

মো. শফিকুল ইসলাম

অষ্টম শ্রেণির পড়াশোনা : ইংরেজি

Transformation of Sentence

1.         What a beautiful bird it is!

            = It is a very beautiful bird.

2.         What a fool you are!

            =You are a great fool.

3.         What a liar the man is!

            =The man is a great liar.

4.         How charming the scenery is!

            = The scenery is very charming.

5.         What a terrible situation it is!

     = It is a very terrible situation.

     N. B : Noun এর পূর্বে great এবং adjective এর পূর্বে very ব্যবহৃত হয়]

            If I were.....!, if she were....!, if he were....! যুক্ত  exclamatory sentence কে assertive sentence এ রূপান্তর করতে হয় যেভাবে :

            Example :

1.         If I were a king!

            = I wish I were a king.

2.         If she were a queen!

            = She wishes she were a queen.

3.         Would that I were a child again!

            = I wish I were a child again.

4.         Had I the wings of a bird!

            =I wish I had the wings of a bird.

5.         Hurrah! We have won the game.

            = It is a matter of great joy that we have won the game.  Or We rejoice that we have won the game. 

6.         Oh! The bird is very beautiful to look at.

            = It is a matter of great surprise (wonder) that the bird is very beautiful to look at.

            Rule- 4 : Assertive Sentence কে Imperative Sentence করার নিয়ম :

     Example :

1.         You do the sum.

            = Do the sum.

2.         You shut the window.

            = Shut the window.

3.         You post the letter.

            =Post the letter.

4.         You will read the book.

            = Read the book.

5.         You may go there.

            = Go there.

6.         You should respect the teachers.

            = Respect the teachers.

7.         You do not tell a lie.

            =Do not tell a lie.

8.         You do not make a noise.

            = Do not make a noise.

9.         You will not take tea.

            = Don’t take tea.

10.       You never tell a lie.

            = Never tell a lie.

11.       You always speak the truth.

            = Always speak the truth.

12.       You are requested to give me a glass of water.

            = Please give me a glass of water.

13.       We go out.

            = Let us go out.

14.       We should discuss the matter.

            = Let us discuss the matter.

15.       We don’t run in the sun.

            = Let us not run in the sun.

16.       I do the work.

            = Let me do the work.

17.       He reads the book.

            = Let him read the book.

18.       She sings a song.

            = Let her sing a song.

19.       They play cricket.

            = Let them play cricket.

20.       Rana drives the car.

            = Let Rana drive the car.

21.       Nabila does not make tea.

            = Let not Nabila make tea.

22.       She doesn’t sing a song.

            = Let her not sing a song.

            [N.B : Not, noun এর পূর্বে বসে এবং pronoun এর পরে বসে]

23.       S/D :  She is the wisest lady in the family.

     C/D : She is wiser than any other lady/all other ladies in the family.

            P/D :  No other lady in the family is as (so) wise as she.

24.       S/D :  He is the most intelligent boy in the class.

            C/D= He is more intelligent than any other boy/all other boys in the class

            P/D : No other boy in the class is as (so) intelligent as he.

25.       S/D :  Kazi Nazrul Islam was one of the greatest poets in Bangladesh.

            C/D : Kazi Nazrul Islam was greater than most other poets in Bangladesh.

            P/D : Very few poets in Bangladesh were as (a) great as Kazi Nazrul Islam.

26.       P/D : English is not as easy as Bangla.

            C/D :  Bangla is easier than English.

27.       C/D : Her teeth were brighter than a string of pearls.

            P/D :  A string of pearls was not as (so) bright as her teeth.

28.       P/D : There is no other story as funny as this.

C/D : This story is funnier than any other story.

29.       Kazi Nazrul Islam was one of the greatest poets in Bangla literature.

            = Very few poets in Bangla literature were as (so) great as Kazi Nazrul Islam. (P/D)

30.       Topu is one of the brightest students in the class.

            = Very few students in the class are as (so) bright as Topu. (P/D)

31.       The elephant is one of the largest animals in the world.

            =Very few animals in the world are as (so) large as the elephant. (P/D)

32.       As soon as I reached the station, the train left.

            =No sooner had I reached the station than the train left.

33.       As soon as he arrived school, the bell rang.

            = No sooner had he arrived school than the bell rang.

34.       As soon as the doctor came, the patient died.

            = Hardly had the doctor come when the patient died.

35.       As soon as I came home, the rain started.

            = Hardly had I come home when the rain started.

36. As soon as the teacher came, the students stood up.

            = Scarcely had the teacher come when the students stood up.

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