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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:                  1-4.

Hamidur Rahman was the man who gave shape to the concept and design of the Shaheed Minar, by combing all the aspirations of Bengali identity and nationalism. He was the (first art student of Bangladesh who in the 1950 went to Europe and studied at “Ecole de Beaux Art” in Paris.) He was the pioneer to the new painting movement in the then Pakistan. But he is most remembered for his remarkable design of the central Shaheed Minar.

When Hamidur Rahman was assigned to make the design, he was full of enthusiasm focusing on the language movement as the central concept. He wanted to find a new expression to convey the aspirations of the people. He experimented with basic horizontal and vertical forms to bring out the concept of Bengali solidarity and unity for their national identity. The vertical lice’s of his design provided the manifestations of inner strength. The four columns on both side of the central structure reflect the balance and harmony of united stand.

The original design had included stained glass, with hundred of eyes, through which the sunlight could pass. The marble floor was to reflect the moving shadows of the column in an unending process of revolt from dawn to dusk. In the basement of the Minar he had designed a grand fresco work in 1500 square feet, depicting the language movement. This was to be his masterpiece, again reflecting the theme of geometric horizontal and vertical motifs of unity and strength.

Rahman was fully conscious of tropical damp climate of Bangladesh and therefore worked out such material for the Minar that would withstand the climate. He ensured that the columns be made of such . mixture of iron rods and cement as to stand for centuries. Today the Shaheed Minar is a symbol of freedom, strength and unity.  

1. Choose the right word expressing to complete each sentence.

            a. Hamidur Rahman was the inventor/ innovator/architect of the Shaheed Minar.

            b. Bangali identity has been manifested/ cloaked/covered through the design of the central Shaheed Minar.

            c. With the assignment Hamidur Rahman became crestfallen/disheartened/ecstatic.

            d. The Shaheed Minar is the  emblem of Bengali solidarity/ division/ diffusion.

            e. The vertical lines evince confidence/ diffidence/frailty of this nation.

            Answer: a. architect b. manifested

            c. ecstatic d. solidarity e. confidence.

2.         True/False? If false, give the correct answer.

            a. Hamidur Rahman was the precursor of the new painting movement of the then Pakistan.

            b. The memory of Hamidur Rahman is lost into oblivion today.

            c. The Central Shahdeed Minar is the epitome of Bengali hopes and aspirations.

            d. The Language Movement has got immortality through the Shaheed Minar.

            e. The Central Shaheed Minar is the symbol of disunity and disharmony.

            Answer: a. True. b. False. Correct Answer : Hamidur Rahman is most remembered for his remarkable design of the Central Shaheed Minar. c. False. Correct answer: The Central Shaheed Minar is the symbol of Bengali hopes and aspiration. d. True. e. False. Correct answer: The Central Shaheed Minar is the symbol of unity and solidarity.        

3.         Fill in the with the correct form of the words in brackets. Add any preposition if necessary:              a. Hamidur Rahman (remember) ........through the ages.

            b. The central Shaheed Minar is the (combine)..........Bengali aspirations

            c. Our (nation)........... identity has been conveyed through the central Shaheed Minar.

            d. Today the Shaheed Minar (symbol)........ freedom and unity of an independent nation.

            e. People of Banladesh (glorious)........ the language movement.

            Answer: a. will be remembered 

            b. combination of

            c. national d. symbolizes e. glorified.

4.         Make a list of five significant aspects of the central Shaheed Minar.                         

            Answer: a. Shaheed Minar is a symbol of national unity and solidarity.

            b. It is a remarkable design of national identity and nationalism

            c. Vertical and horizontal forms and structures.

            d. Manifestations of inner strength.

            e. A reflection of the balance and harmony of a united stand.                       

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