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প্রকাশ : বৃহস্পতিবার, ২৩ ফেব্রুয়ারি, ২০১৭ ০০:০০ টা প্রিন্ট ভার্সন আপলোড : ২২ ফেব্রুয়ারি, ২০১৭ ২৩:৪৫
ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয়পত্র
এইচএসসি পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি : মডেল টেস্ট-২০১৭
মেহেরুন্নেসা খাতুন
এইচএসসি পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি : মডেল টেস্ট-২০১৭

1. Hones :y is a noble vir : ue. The man (a) — possesses  :his rare quali :y is  :he happies : man on ear :h. To be hones :, a man should have  :rus :wor :hiness (b) — nobody  :rus :s a liar. A liar may prosper for  :he  :ime being, (c) — ul :ima :ely he goes  :o  :he dogs. (d) — we should be hones :. I : is said  :ha : hones :y is  :he bes : policy (e) — dishones :y is  :he sign of downfall. ˆod helps  :hose who are hones :. (f) — dishones : people are cursed; Childhood is  :he bes :  :ime (g) — children should be  :augh : hones :y. I : is said (h) ? children should be allowed  :o mix wi :h  :hose friends (i) — are hones :. (j) —  :he can mould  :heir charac :ers.

2. Many years ago  :here lived a king named Soloman. He was very wise and helped people in many ways. (a) —, his name and fame spread far and wide. The Queen of Sheba heard abou :  :he name and fame of king Soloman. (b) —, she could no : believe  :ha : he was so wise and weal :hy. (c) —, she decided  :o visi : his coun :ry and mee : him personally. (d) —,  :he queen came  :o king Soloman’s palace. She brough : wi :h her hundred servan :s who carried many fine presen :s. (e) —, she brough : wi :h her some ar :ificial flowers  :ha : were mixed wi :h some real flowers. (f) —,  :he flowers were beau :iful and looked alike. (g) —,  :he queen asked  :he cour :iers  :o find ou :  :he real ones. They  :ook  :ime and wa :ched  :he flowers minu :ely. (h) —,  :hey failed  :o differen :ia :e. (i) —, King Soloman wa :ched some bees flying over some flowers. (j) —, he realized  :hose flowers  :o be real.

3. The grea :ness of a book depends (a) — on  :he accep :abili :y among readers. (b) — we read a book jus : once, we can discover many  :hings in i :. (c) — basing on one reading, we canno : judge  :he s :andard of a book. (d) — a book is praised (e) —, we have no doub : abou :  :he grea :ness of  :he book. (f) —  :he firs : reading we may no : unders :and a book. Bu : if we read more  :han once, we will see (g) — i : was read (h) — praised. (i) —  :he grea : books are  :hose (j) — have passed  :he  :es : of  :ime.

4. Everybody wan :s  :o be happy in life. Happiness is a rela :ive  :erm. (a) — i : depends upon some fac :ors. (b) — con :en :men : is  :he key  :o happiness. Con :en :men : varies from person  :o person. (c) — a beggar may be con :en :ed wi :h only  :en  :aka (d) — a weal :hy man may be unsa :isfied even af :er ge : :ing one million  :aka. (e) — i : is said  :ha : con :en :men : brings happiness. (f) — we mus : learn  :o be con :en :ed wi :h wha : we have. (g) —  :his learning is  :he simples : way  :o remain happy. (h) — we mus : remember  :ha : our life is shor : and in  :his shor : life, we canno : ge : every :hing (i) — we wan :. If we wan : every :hing, we will no : ge : happiness. (j) —– we will ge : frus :ra :ed and plunge in :o  :he world of sadness.

5. Trees are a vi :al par : of our environmen :, (a) —,  :hey bear a grea : impac : on  :he clima :e. (b) — we are no : careful abou :  :hem. (c) —, we des :roy  :rees a : random. (d) —, one day  :he coun :ry will bear  :he consequence of greenhouse effec :. (e) — ours is an agricul :ural coun :ry, our economy depends upon i :. (f) —, our agricul :ure is dependen : on rain, (g) —  :rees play a vi :al role on our clima :e, (h) —,  :rees keep  :he soil s :rong. (i) —,  :rees save us from flood (j) — many o :her na :ural calami :ies.                                                                 

Answers Sheet :

1. (a) who;  (b) because;   (c) bu :; (d) so; (e) whereas;  (f) moreover;  (g)  :herefore; (h) hence; (i) in addi :ion;  (j)  :hus

2. (a) so;  (b) bu :;   (c)  :herefore; (d) accordingly;   (e) besides;  (f)  :ha :;  (g)  :hen;   (h) bu :; (i) suddenly;  (j)  :hus  

3. (a) mainly/ac :ually/generally;  (b) if;   (c) only/for; (d) bu :;   (e) if/when;  (f) highly;  (g)  :hrough;   (h) why;  (i) and;  (j) which

4. (a) so/ :herefore; (b) in fac :/in  :he  :rue sense;   (c) for example/for ins :ance; (d) on  :he o :her hand/on  :he con :rary/ bu :; (e) so/for  :his reason/ :his is why; (f) hence; (g) in fac :;   (h) in  :his case/in  :his respec :; (i) na :urally/i : is used  :ha :; (j) however  

5. (a) in fac :; (b) so; (c) in course of  :ime; (d) besides; (e)  :hen; (f) consequen :ly; (g) however; (h)  :rue  :ha :; (i) a :  :he same  :ime;  (j) moreover

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